The Sault’s #1 body transformation program!

360FIT is a special program designed to promote accelerated body fat reduction. The workouts combine the two most proven training methods for burning fat: Interval Training and Metabolic Resistance Training. These two methods, when joined together in the right program, will turn your body into a fat burning machine!360FIT training program combined with a thorough education of nutrition and lifestyle change will help ensure your success.  We customized Registered Dietitian prepared meal plans and grocery lists weekly for each participant.  No cookie-cutter approach here!

    How is 360FIT different from group exercise or bootcamps?

  • First of all, it is not a class or a boot camp, it is a scientifically designed fat loss training program. As opposed to other group exercise programs, participants go through a thorough assessment to ensure that they are ready for the intensity of the training program. Our fitness coaching staff will also adapt the programming to address each member’s needs.
  • The group size is limited which is critical to providing the highest level of coaching and being able to personalize the programming to get each participant results as quickly and safely as possible.
  • Flexible scheduling with multiple session times available each day
    How many times per week should I train?

  • We recommend 3-5 x per week for optimal results.

Is Nutrition included in this Program?

Yes. You will be coached by a Certified, Masters Level Precision Nutrition coach to help you maximize your fat loss results. In addition, members participate in a private facebook group sharing tips, recipes and more! Combining the Results training system with this nutrition support and accountability is a huge part of the success of this program and the amazing results experienced by participants.

You will also have your body composition assessed on a monthly basis. This type of lifestyle change and accountability has been shown to be highly effective in achieving dramatic results.

360FIT is designed to be a lifestyle program to help you build the body you want and improve all aspects of your fitness and wellness. Those who commit to a year or more have consistently seen the best results – both in how they look and how they feel.

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